Welcome to Web Design

Mrs. Larsen

Hinckley-Big Rock High School

This is my main Web page. This is an example for students to follow. You will be able to add links to all of your pages/projects directly on this page. I will post links to my examples here and links to helpful sites and resources.

About Me

I love coffee. It's safe to say that I am addicted to coffee.

I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan!


Web Palettes
Right click here to download the Rosie's Diner document

My Tables Example
Menu Example

Click here to visit Google

Click here to find AP Student info

Playing with Styles and CSS
First JavaScript Example
iRock - The Virtual Pet
My Canvas Examples
My Canvas Animations
Paddle Ball Game
Follow the Mouse
Follow the Mouse 2
Semester 2
Seat Selector
Memory Game
First Form
Class List PHP
Form to List
First SQL
Demo - Show Table from MySQL
Create New Entry for DB

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