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Greetings, I am here to tell you about me because that is probably the ony thing I could write about that wouldn't be incorrect. First off, I like to consider myself kool (kool is way kooler than cool because that confuses people. Like are you saying you are worth knowing and fun or that you are cold and want a blanket???). Anyways, I live in the most boring state (I mean probably but debatable), and I am a huge Disney fan. I wouldn't say I'm a Disney expert because I don't get 100% on all of my Buzzfeed Disney quizes. I come from a big family and I was homeschooled until the 8th grade. The reason for this is because my mom didn't want to homeschool me through high school, so to prepare me for public high school, she sent me to public middle school for 8th grade so I could make friends and stuff ya know?

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