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My chroinic dumbness is seen by some as 'endearing'

Like I REALLY do be in web design staring at html5 like

Web design really got me like

"Okay class, now let's learn about CSS"


But to be fair I'm not getting involved in whatever weird hacks the kids behind me are doing cause I'm staying right here

me in my own lane

in my LANE

My full name is Bridgette and I'm currently in Web design, even though this was not a backup I chose. I wanted to be in Spanish III, but the only time that it was available for me was during 6th period, which is the same time I am in AP Lit. The school really messed up on the schedule this year and a lot of people are unhappy. But whatever, c'est la vie. My dad is an I.T. technician so he's very excited that I'm learning about computers, so at least there's that.

A little about me though, I'm 18 years old and a senior at HBRHS. I am currently taking Culinary IVVC, Consumer's Ed, AP Literature and Web design. My class schedule is not very stressful this year, so I'm confident in my ability to graduate by May 19th. In terms of a future career, I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I am trying to decide between a study in History, Literature/English, or Culinary. All of these seem like appropriate things for me, but it's also hard to say what I would want to spend so much time on.