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Project 4 - Cafe
Final I - Fox Editing
Contact Customer Service
Project 1 - Things I like
Project 5 - Sport Shoes
Project 8 - Vending Machine
Project 10 - Order Request Form
Project 2 - 3 Page Project
Project 6 - Personality Quiz
Project 9 - Pizza Parlor
Project 3 - Rosie's Diner
Project 7 - Pet Mothman
First PHP

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My full name is Bridgette and I'm currently in Web design, even though this was not a backup I chose. I wanted to be in Spanish III, but the only time that it was available for me was during 6th period, which is the same time I am in AP Lit. The school really messed up on the schedule this year and a lot of people are unhappy. But whatever, c'est la vie. My dad is an I.T. technician so he's very excited that I'm learning about computers, so at least there's that.