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Hello everyone before I get started I want to ask everyone when was the last time you exercised for a ful hour? Today Im going to talk about the life of myself aka James Simpkins. I start the day by waking up at 4:30am and leave the house at 5:00am I drive to do my first workout of the day where I either do sprint repeats or long distance repeats. After this workout I drive home and have an hour before school starts, and then eat breakfast and prepare to go to school. During my 5th hour I have gym which is also a very important class when it comes to exercising. Through my 5th hour I will run for a full 40 minutes or either change it up and do a core workout. After gym is done and school is out I go straight to cross country practice where I prepare for my third workout this usally concist of a long run or hill repeats. After this workout it is about 5:30pm when I get home I take a shower, eat dinner, and do my homework about this time it is 9:30pm I then stay awake for a while to about 10:30-11:00pm then I am off to bed only to do it all over again tomorrow,so when people tell me thats impossible thats the first thing I did was to believe in the impossible and to keep pushing foward and to learn time managment. With all this being said your probobly wondering why I told you this

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