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Welcome to my Homepage, my name is Jack Whennen. Im 17, Male, spend most of my time within my room playing video games or experimenting with game creation tools.
When I don't have anything to do, I spend that remaining time sleeping or watching YouTube or Anime, sometimes Netflix if I feel like it.
I live with my mother, father, grandfather, 2 cats and 1 dog despite my advent fear of dogs. Even so I have to live with it and I don't have a choice in the matter anymore.
I have a wonderful friend who always has my back and cares about me, I do the same for her. We've been friends for over 6 - 7 years now and we've grown a romantic bond between each other.
I have a deep fasination with Art, Electronic Design and Space, infact one of my dream jobs is to become an Astronomer and study stars and planets.
When I get out of Highschool, im going to travel the country to see her and spend my time with her. I also have plans on possibly joining the military, though im starting to rethink that choice.
I'll add more information as the semester goes, but for now that's all. ~<3

You thought there was gonna be something important here? Well instead it was I. DIO! i mean- A worthless jumble of text! I bet you feel pretty stupid, now don't you~?

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PS, if you wanna chat or want something drawn, I have a discord where you can contact me. Staggerleon#8812 as well as a youtube channel called Staggerleon. Thanks~!

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